понедельник, 8 апреля 2013 г.

Youth Russian Championship. Moscow!

It was my second comps in this season, but really important and most exiting. From result on this competitions depended my rating place in our team and qual for EYC in Grindelwald.

A bit about our training before. After Russian youth cup in lead (where I got 2nd place) we had very little time for bouldering.
Russian cup in lead, 1st qual. Pic by Mila Samotik.
 Fortunately, Olga Bibik organised for us speciality boulder – session ( 10 – 22. March). Brutal crew: Andrey Shagin, Valentin Konovalov and me trained in comp – mode. At the start we thought that this is not so helpful for us, but Olga’s iron experience and always new boulder problems gave chance to feel more concentration, power and confidence.
our climbing gym. Pic by Shagin.

Like always. :) Pic by Inna Samotik.

Before start with Valentin. Pic by Shagin.

Also always good to train with strong boys and try to climb more dynamic boulders, with long movements. Funny stories in the rest time, funny boulders and good atmosphere…we enjoyed every training day! Thank you guys, thank you Olga!

In the first day of competitions we did this successfully. Andrey and me was in final with 1st result, Valentin had 4th place.
Andrey.Final. Pic by Dmitry Shushpanov.

Valentin.Final. Pic by Dmitry Shushpanov.
But in the final round Andrey encountered problems and got only the 6th place. For Valentine was really hard to climb technical boulders and finally he got only 4th place like in qualifications.
Irina. Final. 3rd boulder. pic by Dmitry Shushpanov.

 For me it was big victory. In the final round I did all final routes from first attempts! First one was with big jump, but despite fear, climbed to the top!
Irina.Final. 3rd boulder. pic by Dmitry Shushpanov.

 Good organization, nice and different boulder problems, friendly judge and warm atmosphere! By the way, thank to my friend for support (my mental problems sometimes like big pink sunglasses :) ) and VIELEN DANK, Olga Bibik!
Olga (coach) and me after 4th boulder. pic by Dmitry Shushpanov.

Interview you can find here :)

Irina Kuzmenko.